Kim Possible Pornography Story: Sir Ron & Victim Kim Ch 01

Kim Possible Pornography Story: Sir Ron & Victim Kim Ch 01

Freshman year at college had arrived.  They had finally graduated out of the high school.  Their eighteenth birthday’s had passed.  The last of summer freedom before school was drawing to a close.  Ron Stoppable, on a fluke of luck had been accepted on the football team with a full scholarship.  His girlfriend Kim Possible was attending the same university.


Two weeks before school was to start they both reported to campus for camp, Ron for football and Kim for cheerleading.  Their parents had accepted their love and 3 out of 4 had agreed with their decision to move in together, Kim’s father would never accept anyone for his little girl, even when she turned 100.  Kim had acquired a large house from the grateful Icelandic Ambassador, something to do with a landslide a goat and dental floss.


As they moved their belongings in Kim was carrying one of Ron’s dresser drawers and saw a glossy magazine sticking out from under his underwear.  Intrigued, she slipped into the kitchen pantry and pulled the magazine out.  Her pussy started leaking as she saw the title; “Bitches in Bondage”.  Quickly flipping through it she saw her heart’s desire.  Young women bound, beaten, abused and fucked by their masters and mistresses.  


They had known that each was into such things since one of Dr. Dracken’s schemes had caused them to switch brains.  Kim had found Ron’s pile of bondage magazines in his room and Ron found Kim’s video diary of her wishes to be submissive, as well as her footage of her putting herself in bondage. 


Neither had done anything about it yet, there had been too many distractions lately.  They had only had their first sexual encounter after senior prom.  Kim smiled and slid her hands down the front of her pants as she recalled the night that they had each given the other their virginity.


They had left the beach party with the rest of their friends for some time alone.  Kim had driven further down the beach to a quiet little cove that Wade had found for her.  The beach was deserted and the full moon shown down upon the surf.  The wind blew the smell of the sea around them.  Their kisses started softly and grew with intensity.  Their lips met and their tongues dueled as Kim slid her hand down the front of Ron’s shorts to feel the incredible hard on he possessed.  His hands cupped her small breasts and teased her nipples.  Kim moaned into his mouth and gripped his cock tighter. 


Ron’s hands slid under her shirt and pulled it over her head.  He dipped his head and took her left nipple into his mouth, sucking gently as he gently pinched her right nipple.  Kim moaned and shuddered as Ron switched from one breast to the other.  Her tits were so small that he could take all of each one in his mouth at a time.  She held him to her breasts as if he were a child nursing on her.


Kim pulled his shirt off and undid his shorts and pushed them down.  Her hands stroked his chest and lightly rubbed his nipples as she worked her way down his body.  His engorged penis was right before her face as she kneeled before him and her thumb rubbed the pre-cum over the head.  Ron shuddered as she licked the head of his cock and sucked him into her mouth.  She worked her head up and down slowly, taking a little more of him into her sucking mouth with each downward stroke.  She felt him hit the back of her throat and she gagged.  Ron pulled back as the sensation was too much and he was afraid he would blow his load before anything else happened.  Ron pulled her to her feet and pushed her shorts down with her panties.


Kim stood naked in the soft off shore breeze as Ron looked at her.  Her long red hair off set her pale creamy white skin.  Her green eyes were half closed in passion as his hands stroked her body.  Her stomach rippled as he rubbed her flanks.  Her bald little pussy was weeping down her leg.  Ron pulled Kim into a hug, her nipples dug into his chest and Ron’s dick bumped into her stomach.  Their kisses grew more urgent as their passion increased.  Finally Kim lay down on the sand and pulled Ron on top of her. 


Ron kissed and licked his way down her body.  Again he sucked her nipples until she was writhing with ecstasy.  He worked his way further down her body, pausing to dip his tongue in her belly button.  She squealed and quivered at the sensation and Ron realized that she was ticklish, this was information he could use later, now was not the time.  He proceeded further south and came to her dripping centre.  She had shaved herself completely bare for cheerleading and Ron had no problem seeing every detail of her pussy.


The lips were open and dripping, her clit was distended and when he licked it she shuddered.  The pink interior beckoned him and Ron drove his face deep between her legs and shoved his tongue as far inside of her as he could.  The taste was like nothing he had ever had before, but he liked it and continued to lap at the dripping morsel placed before him.  His tongue was everywhere and Kim was rocking from side to side as she approached orgasm.  Neither knew the other that way, so Ron did not know that Kim needed to have her clit worked for her to come, so Ron just kept eating her and Kim went higher and higher without release until Ron’s nose rubbed her clit. 


Kim screamed in delight and erupted in orgasm.  She ejaculated her cream all over Ron’s face and humped so hard that she almost broke his nose.  Ron gripped her hips and held on as she went through multiple orgasms.  His tongue never stopped lapping her dripping cunt and his nose kept rubbing her clit forcing her to more and more releases.  Finally Kim collapsed and broke free of Ron’s grip.  Ron took his chance and mounted her in one motion, driving his throbbing dick as hard as he could into her still spasming pussy.


Kim was still technically a virgin; she had broken her hymen years ago with all the cheerleading.  She was still tight and he was barley inside when he shot his load, but although he was embarrassed, Kim pulled him deeper into her snatch.  Ron’s cum added lubrication to her overflowing pussy and he was able to sink nut deep inside her.  They both lay quietly for a few moments, her pussy massaging his dick and Ron regaining some control.  Finally he started pumping his cock in and out of her.  The age’s long dance was the greatest feeling either had every felt.  The premature ejaculation actually helped Ron last longer this time and he was able to bring Kim to not just one but three orgasms before he shot his second load.


The night had ended only after they had each came repeatedly and had discovered the art of oral, vaginal and anal sex.  They discovered positions known for centuries, but to them, each was invented by them for each other.  At three am, an exhausted Kim dropped Ron off at home and drove home to pass out in her bed, her hand still holding her sore and dripping pussy.


Her father had gone through the roof the next morning about her missing curfew and the way she walked was dead giveaway as to what happened, but Kim stood her ground and even dropped the next bomb on her parents that she and Ron would be living together during the next school year.  Her mom came to her defense and told her father that the decision was made and the discussion was closed.  Kim watched in shock as her father meekly accepted mom’s decision and quietly left the room after a look.


Kim shuddered and came in the laundry room, her pussy gushing cream in her shorts as she remembered their first night together.  She gripped the shelves and held on as she caught her breath.  Ron’s voice echoed through the house calling her and she quickly straightened herself out and came out of the pantry and into the hall carrying his drawer.  She hoped that he would not smell her juices, but his smile told her otherwise.  Blushing she handed him the drawer and scampered out the door to the truck to continue unloading.


She stood in the driveway and watched the truck drive away.  While she was day dreaming the crew had finished unloading and left.  The moving company was a gift from another rescue mission, so the move was no charge to Kim and Ron.  The house was complete set up in less than 3 hours and they had nothing to do until next week.


Ron suggested that they go shopping for some grocery’s and then have dinner, Kim countered with dinner first then grocery’s and Ron agreed.  A fast pizza and two hundred dollars in grocery’s later, they were home and setting up their bedroom.  The master bedroom was complete with a king size bed with a four poster frame.  The wood rungs were quite sturdy and it would be almost impossible to break it.  Kim decided that this was the night that she would get Ron to do to her all the things in that magazine.


After a shower Kim waited for Ron naked in bed.  She had a set of hand cuffs already on one wrist and she was beside herself in anticipation.  Ron walked in and she sat up dropping the sheet to her waist.  Her breasts were capped with sharp hard nipples pointing up, her excitement was obvious.  Ron came to the bed and lay down beside her.  Kim stretched her arms up over her head and Ron heard the click of the cuffs and looked up to see Kim had cuffed herself to the headboard.  The cuff’s chain went around the middle rung and he could see her wrists locked in tight.


Ron’s hard-on increased in size as he realized that she was the submissive that he wanted, but he forced himself to back off.  He reached up and undid the cuffs as he told her to sit up so they could talk. 


“What is the matter?” Kim asked, fear in her voice.  She was afraid that she had read his desires wrong.


“Nothing” Ron replied, “I just want to talk about this before we go any further.  I know that we have been fucking up a storm all summer, but this is a big step for both of us and I just want to be sure we are both on the same page.”


“Ron, I want to be your sex slave.”  Kim confessed.  “I have thought about it since I found your stash of bondage porn when I slept at your place.  I found the magazine in your underwear drawer today when we moved in.  I know you want a slave and I need to be one.  I get wet every time I think about your tying me up.”




“Because,” Kim responded, “I have to be the leader all the time, school, missions, cheering, home and I can’t be in control all the time.  I need someone to control me in some area of my life as I have to control everything else.”


“I know you want to be in bondage Kim.”  Ron said.  “I found your video diary and listened to you confessions.  I even watched the videos you made of your self bondage.  But we have to be clear and agree on the rules here.”


“I know, but I wanted to show you that I wanted it.”  Kim said.


“I know, but you have to be free to make up your own mind and we still have to set the rules.  I would rather you be yourself and not handcuffed while we talk about this.  Is there anything you won’t do?”


“Well, I am not into golden showers or scat or anything like that.”


“Agreed,” Ron said.


“And I don’t think that any whip marks should be visible when I cheer.  It might bring about strange questions.  Other than that I am wide open to just about anything.”  Kim said with a sly smile.


“I have a few conditions though.”  Ron told her.  “If I am to be your Master, I am to be in charge of everything in this relationship, except missions.”


“That makes sense.”  Kim responded.


“You are not to question me; you are to do whatever I say without discussion or complaint. Any disobedience will be dealt with punishment, bondage, whipping, spanking, anything I can think of.  Can you accept that?”  Ron asked.


“Oh yes Ron.  That is exactly what I want, someone to control me.  Daddy did it for so long I need it, but now that we have had sex, I need to take it to the next level.  I want to be used and abused hard.  I want you fuck me and beat me and treat me like a slave.  I would like a gentle lover sometimes, but mostly I want to be abused and beaten.”


“You must call me Master at all times; you will be worth nothing until I say differently.  Unless we are out in public I will never call you by name, you will be called slave.  You will never look me in the eye unless I tell you too; you will look at the floor at all times.  You will spend your time in this house naked or dressed as I instruct you.  You will never wear panties out of the house unless I give them too you, except for cheerleading and missions.”  Ron quickly amended see Kim about to say something, but she nodded.  “I will add to the rules without warning you and you will be punished for any failure to follow the rules.  If you want me to stop doing something the safe word is dragon. Can you accept these terms?”


“Oh yes Master.”  Kim squealed looking at him, her eyes shining with tears of happiness.


Ron grabbed her by the hair and snarled in her face, “I told you that you are not to look me in the eye.”  He grabbed the hand cuffs and locked her wrists behind her back, and then pulled her naked body over his lap.  His hand came down sharply on her pristine white butt cheeks and she screamed she was sorry.  He continued to paddle her behind, listening to her cries and waiting for the safe word.  Her legs kicked as she twisted and squirmed, but the only thing she said was that she was sorry and pleaded for him to give her another chance.


Ron’s thighs were dripping with the juice of her cunt as she wiggled and turned on his lap.  Kim begged and implored him for mercy but never did she use the safe word.  This was her idea of heaven.  After about thirty swaps on her rump Ron pushed her off and dragged her face up by the hair.  Even as she sat on her knees, her head pulled back she would not meet his eye.  Smiling cruelly Ron shoved her face down in his lap and she opened her mouth as his hard organ approached.


Kim had sucked him off before, but she was still learning how to take all of him.  This time Ron gave her no chance to get used to having him in her mouth, he pushed her all the way down to his pubic hair in one go.  Kim gagged and swallowed quickly trying to clear her throat, but she could not dislodge his throbbing penis.  Ron pulled her back up by her ears and thrust her back down, establishing a rhythm.  Kim felt the tears start again as she fought for breath but she never stopped the rhythm that Ron started, even when he let go of her ears and let her do it herself.  As soon as she realized that she was free, Kim sucked harder on him to show that she was happy.


Her tongue worked the underside of his dick and her teeth scraped lightly on his cock as she fought for the juice in his balls.  This was what she wanted, to be bound and helpless, forced to do the most debasing things that her Master wanted.  She felt Ron’s cock start to tremble and she sucked harder, only to be rewarded with several blasts of scalding cum shooting into her throat.  Kim swallowed quickly and kept her rhythm as Ron shot his load directly into her throat and stomach. 


As he finished coming, Ron grabbed her by the hair and held her at the top of his penis.  Kim licked the last shots of cum directly from the head of his dick and swallowed with delight.  She had become addicted to the taste of his cum the first time she had blown him and now that he was her Master it tasted better still.


Ron pulled her too her feet and undid the cuffs.  Kim moaned in disappointment but Ron pulled her into his arms and lay back on the bed.


“Did you enjoy that?”  Ron asked her.


“Yes Master.”  Kim replied meekly.


“No Kim, talk to me.”  Ron said.


“Yes Ron, I loved it.  That is exactly what I have been craving for years.  The feel of the cuffs, your hand burning my ass, the texture of your dick in my mouth, the salty taste of your cum shooting down my throat against my will.  It was everything I dreamed it would be.”


“You are sure?  I thought I went too far when I forced you to suck me so deep so quick.”


“No, it was perfect.”  Kim responded, looking him in the eye.  “I have had trouble taking all of you, but not that time.  Sure I gagged a little, but I got over it quicker than the last time.  The only thing I didn’t like was when you took the cuffs off so soon.”


“Well, I wanted to talk to you about this.  You, not the slave,” Ron told her.


“I got that.  I am glad you did, I wanted to make sure you enjoyed it to, but I did not want to break the mood by asking.”


“Yes, I loved it.’  Ron said.  “You are the perfect little slave.  Now let’s get some sleep.  This may be the last time you get the chance to sleep with me free.  From now on I will have to bind you up before bed time.”


“Promise?”  Kim squealed.


“Promise,” Ron said laughing.  “Now come here.”  Ron opened his arms to her and she fell into them.


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