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Kim Possible Porn Story: "The Outstandingly Lucky Ron Stoppable 2"

Monique Chapter 2

The Outstandingly Lucky Ron Stoppable 2

Monique lands in a puddle, a bit bruised but OK. She gets up to show that herclothes are soaked, though. She looks up, worried about where Ron could havefell.

“RON?” She yells for him. “ARE YOU OK?”


The sound of branches snapping fills the air. A moment later, Ron falls &stops right beside Monique, hanging upside down from a tree, with his pants allbut hanging off of him. “Uh, yeah. I’m cool.”

Monique walks over and begins to untangle Ron from the branches. She gets himdown and unsnags his pants from the tree. They pull hard and the pants end upflying into the same puddle Monique landed in. Completely wet, Ron decides tojust put them on his shoulder and wait for them to dry. They both begin to walktowards a clearing in the woods. As they walk, Ron’s eyes gaze over and noticeMonique’s wet T-Shirt…without a bra underneath. He can’t help but to stareat her breasts, which are almost an identical copy to Kim’s.

“Oh, man,”

Ron thinks. “Why did her shirt have to getwet? I can even see her nipples getting hard.”

And at that moment, Ron’s Cock also starts to get hard. Since he’s nowonly wearing boxers, Ron walks with his hands low, cupping his groin trying tohide the bulge. They reach the clearing and decide to set up a new camp here.Ron reaches into his pants that he’s carrying over his shoulder and pulls outa tablet. He tosses it in the middle of a clearing. Upon contact, the tabletexpands into a two-person tent.

“Wade’s compactable camping equipment.” Ron says. “Neverleave home without it.” He pulls out two more capsules from his pocketbefore giving one to Moni Continue reading

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